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Beard Papa's

Beard Papa's bakes delicious choux pastry shells filled with whipped cream custard, available in vanilla, chocolate, and a wide range of other speciality flavours. It is an international franchise, international chain of cream puff stores started in Japan by the company Muginoho Co., Ltd. (株式会社麦の穂?) and there are over 400 stores in 19 countries

Contact details

7739 3879

Opening Hours

Mon: 8:30-19:30
Tue: 8:30-19:30
Wed: 8:30-19:30
Thu: 8:30-19:30
Fri: 8:30-19:30
Sat: 8:30-19:30
Sun: 8:30-19:30

We sell

Fresh and natural cream puffs.

Food and Drink